It's here and it's beautiful!

My Flow Hive arrived last Friday. It’s now stained and ready for April when I get my bees! It’s gorgeous wood and the tung oil really made it look amazing.
So excited!


Wow, that is truly gorgeous! Please let us know if you try that SHB tray - I would love to know whether it fits. You have done a fantastic job with the build and seal. :heart_eyes:

Thank you, Dawn!
As a first timer with building boxes and staining I was pretty proud of myself LOL.

I am still looking for that elusive tray but at least I can measure the bottom board. :slight_smile:

So excited for Spring!

It is very satisfying though, isn’t it? Addictive even… Well, at least you get to build another brood box to help with overwintering, and maybe even some mediums if you want to try cut comb or traditional extraction methods too! :smile:

I did feel very accomplished after putting on the roof :slight_smile: I was ready to build more, that’s for sure. LOL

I built 3 medium boxes that were drying so not photographed. We are going to attempt comb honey this summer too. It’s going to be fun!!

Where did you get your hive stand? How tall is it? It looks nice.

Hi Rick,

Thanks, I think it’ll be great. This is the stand I bought.

12" off the ground. We have a lot of skunks in this area and didn’t want to take any chances.


Beautiful boxes.You need two more boxes to complete the brood nest.

Thanks so much! I have 3 more medium boxes that weren’t pictured here.

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