Early Flow in Melbourne!

Hi all,
Just thought I would share my experience with the Flow frames so far. I did my first spring inspection on Aug 28th. Everyone was looking healthy, no beetles or signs of a problem. With that I decided to add the Flow frames. I use 45mm - 3/4" thick boxes so I figured there would be plenty of insulation for the next few weeks of random chilly days and nights. The bees took to the frames immediately and within a day I could see they had closed some gaps and were dumping into the cells. Less than a month later and there is a significant portion capped and they don’t seem to be slacking off. I have to say I am very happy. Thanks again to Bens Bees http://www.bensbees.com.au/ for the mentoring, and Cedar and Stu for The Flow!



Wow looking great. I’ve just purchased my flow hive last week. I’m looking to buy a nuc. What’s bee breed that bens bee selling now? is that italian?

I’m horrible with accents…it all sounds like a buzz too me :wink: Give him a holler.

Good luck,