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Flow Hive article in Bee Craft magazine


I’m in Bee craft - October issue


Darn, not subscriber so I can’t see the piece. At any rate, I’m sure it is an awesome read and congratulations.

*cough --screen shots-- *cough



I took quite a few frames o brood and eggs off these girls this year and they were valiantly making wax so 1Lbs of honey I’m proud of.

I got Highly commended for my Wax in the Birmingham Honey show 3rd Sept
Last night at my Local Branch Honey show I got 1st for my Wax block and 2nd for my Wax Tablet
My Novice honey was disqualified because the jar was not filled to the thread but If he had judged it the Chap said I could have won the Medium section easily.
Hatton Show in 11 Days and If I do well will enter in to the National Honey Show in October.

I had a slight set back in August as my out apiary bees were tea leafed - I have since manage to get 2 queens bred Found one today But didn’t mark her yet and the second Hive I tried to repopulate with a Queen Cell was decimated by wasps.

Sapphire may have started laying drones so did a split - they have 2 Charged Queen Cells -
Hard to check on my girls presently as I’m away at work (live-in carer)

I have some vids to watch on my Blog or You tube page



When were your hives stolen Valli. awful! Did they take everything? Thought it was on private property?


@Kirsten_Redlich Back in August. It is private property with CCTV but the edge of the property has a stream and fields the other side and there are public pathways that can get into the property if you know how.

All my equipment is marked and was left. They seem to have shaken the bees Queens and all.

1 Queen vanished a month before after 3 weeks of laying and I thought it a bit strange. Then all 3.

It had to be a bee keeper or someone who knew what they were doing.

I have been trying to fill the loss making late Queens there were 2 QC’s but the wasps have seen off the one hive. I’m trying to make other Queens at home but I’m at work until 1st of October and only have small space of time to do things. Yesterday I had to get back for a meeting with the clients daughters.


Oh my gosh, Valli!! When you said tea leafed I chuckled assuming you meant robbed, as in by other bees. I’ve read about people’s hives being tampered with but still can’t quite believe it!


that’s awful- what pigs. awful bee thieves!


Sorry to hear that Valli. Good luck with the Queens.