Flow Hive Assembly Problem

Hi all,

I’ve just started assembling my flow hive and have hit a snag after putting together the super and the brood box and then placing them together, they don’t line up. It doesn’t matter which way I place them, there’s always a section that overhangs (see my photo to see what I mean, the site won’t let me put up more than one photo as I’m a new user)

They both seem square by themselves, and all the screws have been done up properly and all the joins are snug on both super and brood.

Obviously I’ve done something wrong though, any suggestions?

Mine is slightly out as well from the brood box and the lower support screen board base. But my lower portion is out of square slightly. Measure the diagonals of each box to ensure its in square (measuring diagonal corner distance should be equal if it’s square). My brood and super align perfectly so I assume you’re out of square. As long as there’s no large gaps then it’ll be just if you’re slightly out of square. Beautiful hive tho so I understand wanting it to also look as good as it performs.


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Awesome, cheers for all that info Michael, I’ll apply it all when I get back to finishing the hive and hopefully I can get them to align better. Cheers!

I had a similar problem with the super. Your picture shows that it’s overlapping on one side, but it’s undoubtedly off by the same amount on the opposite side. Rather than having the corners at right angles, they’re slightly skewed. At least you got the roof to fit, which I wasn’t able to do. I fixed it by unscrewing all the joints on the super, (banging each side carefully with a mallet to break the glue that I had used). Make sure to disconnect one end of the metal strip across the bottom. Then, reassemble it on top of the brood box using only a few screws to loosely hold it in place. Put the roof on and keep adjusting it until things line up. Then screw it all together again. I hope this helps!

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You can use the inner cover as a guide to make sure everything is square apply glue and use right angle clamps at the corners if you have them, otherwise it may be hard to change the shape since you already have screw paths in all the holes.

Then after the glue is set, place the screws.

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Hi Josh. I agree with the others, it just appears that the box is not square. I hope you’re able to go with the great advice offered and let us know how you go.

Thanks everyone for your handy advice, I realised it was my brood box in particular that wasn’t square and I’ve managed to get it square now with some fiddling around.