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Flow Hive classic 8 frame?

so I recently just bought a metal mouse guard that supposedly fits a 8 frame langstrom hive. I have not got it yet but I’m wondering if it’s reversible to completely close it off for the winter or what other people’s tips are for what they’ve had success with closing off the flow Hive for the winter?

And before people tell me to get a mentor, no one in my area uses a flow Hive so that’s why I’ve relied on this site to gain information specifically to the flow hive…

I’m in Northeast Ohio and all next week is supposed to be in the 60s but the following week highs are in the forties and possible snow😆 thanks Matt

Hello Matt, if this is the metal mouse guard that you have bought it is reversible if you want to move a hive by locking the bees in but still allowing air for them. The guard reduces the area of the entrance by about 50% in the normal position as you can see in the pic.
There is no difference in managing a Flow Hive to a Langstroth. The only difference is in how you take the honey from the hive and your caring for your bees and how you do inspections is exactly the same. Cheers

Not quite sure what you mean by “reversible” - could you supply a link or a photo? Mouse guards vary a lot, and finding one to fit the Flow hive can be tricky. I have heard that this one works:

Apparently this one fits too.

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Good, I bought the “sunflower” one
I’ll post if it fits…

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That’s exactly the one I’m using too @Hunt4honey and they fit perfectly! I’m guessing though only if the 8 frame classic’s are the same dimensions as the FH 2

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