Flow Hive Experiences in Ireland?

Hello…How well do Flow Hives harvest honey in the cool damp conditions of Ireland or Scotland? Any beekeepers out there keen to share their Experiences? Thanks. Fintan, Galway, Ireland.

For fear of being a bit trite, if you or bee keepers in your area have a bee hive, you can have a Flow Hive. The Flow Super is just a means of extracting the honey and everything is the same.
I see you have a Flow Hive for sale. Have you had bees in it and didn’t workout or do you have other hives?

Hello! Thanks very much for your interest and advice. I do not keep bees, I’ve no experience of bee-keeping. I thought it’d be fun to keep bees and hence the Flow HIve arrived, but its been in the attic in its boxes. We’ll not be getting into bee-keeping, so I’m hoping to re-sell the flow hive on to someone in Ireland to give it a try. I contacted a woman living here on the Atlantic coast of Ireland who is a bee-keeper: She installed a Flow Hive in 2017 and two of the frames filled with honey, AND, the honey did flow out readily. So that’s good news! In 2018 the Flow Hive didn’t attract any bees, despite it being the sunniest and warmest Summer for decades. This year, there are bees in her Flow Hive, so, here’s hoping she gets a good harvest! Thanks, Fintan.