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Flow hive for sale, Ireland


Hi bee keepers,

We got a new flow hive for sale, we received it in 2016 as a wedding present. We love bees and honey, but have decided to not be beekeepers and so our hive is for sale. We live in Ireland so it would be great if anybody in Ireland would be interested!! Everything is still in the box as we received it! One box unopened, other opened to see what was in the parcel.

Flow™ Hive
Classic Cedar 6 Frame
(Previously called: Complete Full Flow Hive, Flow™ Hive Western Red Cedar)

Please contact us via this forum or on 087-2998112


where are you?
thanks adam


Ireland. If you are there make an offer. I would.


Hi Adam,
we live in west cork, Bantry area!
Give us a ring if your interested.
087 2998112


I see your in Aussie, so postage would make it too expensive, we need to find someone in Ireland here. Beehive was received last year February and March, It’s all still in its boxes, cost was 786 dollars of which 116 shipping.


Sorry I’m in Australia :slight_smile:


I am sure you will sell it in Ireland. Your selling point is fast delivery.
Good luck.


Hopefully!! Thanks for reply


Ah too bad :upside_down_face: Thanks Adam


Is this still for sale!?


Is the hive still for sale, we live in Limerick and would like it.