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Ireland: FlowHive beekeepers


This is a group for Flowhive owners in Ireland to share experiences and solutions as problems & questions arise.
I am new to beekeeping myself and attended the Gormanston Beekeeping Course this summer (July 2015) to get myself started.


Hi Niall… Jenny here (Roundwood, Co. Wicklow)
Been meaning to follow up Gormanston with an email but have been busy. Thank you for posting. Curious to see how many Flow Hives end up in Ireland. 2 weeks since your post and no one. Early days. There were 4 of us at Gormanston who had ordered the FH…one from N Dublin, one from S Dublin, one from Waterford and myself. If someone else from Ireland sees this thread, please introduce yourselves. We’re looking to share our experiences.


Hi, I am from Limerick and recently got our Flow Hive, we are looking for advice on how to get the nucs for it, does anyone have hints on where to get them.


Hi, I live in Westmeath and I am just starting to look into getting a FH. Is there a supplier in Ireland or do I have to order from abroad.

Cheers Kevin


The only official supplier is via the web site at honeyflow.com at the moment. However, they have local distributors once you have ordered on the web site, so this should help with import duties etc (you still have to pay international shipping, but it is reasonable, considering! :blush:) .


Thank you for the quick reply, I will look into that.


Hi, does anyone know how I can adapt the Flow box to take National frames. I have been finding it hard to get anyone in Ireland to help with this.


Hi Anthony if you type this in to search, adapting national frames for langstroth box it brings up several threads discussing ideas


You can buy 8 Frame Lang equipment to go with 6 Frames of Flow Frames from Bee Equipment


Hello, I am from Sligo and got my flow hive earlier this year and my buckfast bees in june. Put my super on early august and they still havent touched it yet:-(


Perhaps a little late in the season… :worried:


Hello everyone. I’m Anne. Just about to start a beekeeping course in Thurles, then go to buy my hive. Any tips?
I’m totally new to this chat forum idea, and not quite sure how it works, so sorry if i have written this on the wrong page…
Look forward to hearing from any of you with suggestions on how i start off my bee venture. I do Airbnb here, and have nicknamed it “Eire Bee’nBee” now, as i will save all my earnings to pay for the hive