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Flow Hive Light

My brother in law was gifted a flow hive light 3 frame several years ago but they now don’t seem to be available? Could anyone clarify please? He only has a super. No roof or brood box and we are looking to set him up. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Many thanks

That sounds like it might be the hybrid super. Just to confirm, has it got the 3 flow frames in the middle and 2 standard frames on each side (total of 4 standard langstroth deep frames)?

Assuming my assumption is correct you just need to get yourself a brood chamber (or two, depending on your local climate), an inner cover, and a roof. Ensure you get an 8 frame langstroth box IFF my assumption about the hybrid size is correct.

Remember to get your colony established before you put the Super in place. I’d recommend you start with a 4 or 5 frame nucleus (nuc) colony.

Have you or your brother kept bees before? If not, make sure you do a course/workshop/undertake reading on managing a colony and how to manage disease and pests. Beekeeping is not a set and forget hobby.

Have fun. It’s enjoyable and rewarding!

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This may be of help. https://www.honeyflow.com/resources/starting-with-flow/flow-hive-manual-assembly/modifying-existing-hives-or-supers-for-flow-frames/p/432

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