Flow Light 3 frames with Box Perk - What else do i need?

Hi Folks,

sorry for the silly newbee question, but i’m trying to get ready for delivery and understand what else i need to buy. From what i understand, i need a brooding box (I’m looking at this: http://hornsby-beekeeping.com/ready-to-go-product/) as well. From what i saw in this video:

it looks like that next to the 3 flow frame, some older ones are inserted around the frame. I’m trying to work out if:

  • i actually need these in there (as i dont have any i dont want to buy any really)
  • if i do have to have them, will the bee’s end up using them and i’ll have 1/2 my honey in those frames and the other half in the flow frame?

Last question,
I’m in the sydney area coming into spring, and i’m wondering if its worth buying the box / bee’s now and drop the flow frames / box on top in the next 2 or so months when it shows up (due in Dec / 2015). Is this a bad idea?

Thanks folks!


Firstly @nathank G’day,

  1. Yes you need the normal Langstroth frames - I’m assuming you are going for Langstroth as they are the size the Flow frames are.
  2. Are you going to use 8 or 10 Frame sized boxes you will need to buy the number of frames accordingly - they generally come in packs of 10 either made, or in Ikea style - you build them
  3. You need a Base or Bottom Board entrance - I suggest a Screened Bottom Board
  4. You Need a Brood box and that needs the normal Langstroth frames 8/10 Frames as well
  5. You need some sort of wax foundation or Plastic foundation for the Bees to build on
  6. Something to lift the Hive off the ground either a stand or Jerry built contraption
  7. You need a roof
  8. A crown board and Queen excluder are a good Idea - probably a must
  9. A Bees Suit and Smoker, Gloves and a Hive Tool All Mandatory
  10. Don’t forget to buy some Bees :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee: :bee:
  11. Lastly and most importantly - please go get some help and join a club!!!
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Hi Nathan, No silly questions here… you are in my neck of the woods so hopefully we can help you out as best we can. Not sure if the box perk comes with the frames and foundation wax, best to get your equipment now before the rush. I am assuming you are getting an 8-frame hive and not the 10 frame? My advice is to head up to the Bee Supply shop as soon as you can, if this is Hornsby they will be running short of supplies soon, a container load is a couple of months behind schedule and there will be a very large demand for supplies come September.
Are you a member of a club? There are lots around Sydney, just depends on where you live.
No bees just yet, packages will be available late September and into October depending on demand, best call up Hornsby Beekeeping and ask to go on their list for package, there is the added bonus if you are a member of a club to go on their swarm list. Nucleus hives are around but you really need to know a queen breeder of large beekeeper, I would start with a package or Swarm … or both.
Considering you are pretty new, aim to get ready made frames with wax foundation already embedded, they will set you back about $7 each but its worth the extra money for newbies. We conducted a hive body and frame building workshop at Terrey Hills last Sunday which was well attended but you do need some specialised equipment which can be additional hassle that you don’t need right now.
I am waffling a little, anyhow checkout the following forum links for beekeeper equipment you will need.






That is the most important thing.
I agree with Dexter the bees need the honey first then you, as a hobbyist, get their surplus.
It’s good that the flow hive has launched your interest in beekeeping.
Now go learn about bees… then get some

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