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Flow Hive Maintenance and Durability in Tropical weather, Indonesia



I need some help, and hoping some expert can help for answering it.
Sorry for my broken english, hope u guys can understood what i ask here :slight_smile:

  1. how to maintenance flow hive in trophical weather?
  2. How to clean crystalized honey candy in flow hive?
  3. Do we need extra shelter to avoid rain to get higher honey quality?
  4. How long is Flow hive durability?
  5. How many honey i can harvest in tropical weather and how long?



You will find all the answers to your questions by searching in the top right-hand corner of the forum.


Here are some other beekeepers in Indonesia:


Painting with water based acrylic paint or with tung oil on the outside surfaces ONLY and doing it every 18 months to 2 years is all the care needed.

The bees will use any crystallized honey but it should not happen in the bee hive although it can happen after the honey is extracted.

The bees will not collect honey in the rain and there is no advantage in sheltering the hive from the rain. Rain reduces the nectar in most flowers.

That all depends on you maintaining the hive from the elements, in your area that is rain and moisture.

That all depends on the availability of suitable flowers, the weather, the strength of the hive and how far the bees have to fly to forage to give you just a few of the variables. Even two hives together will not give the same return of honey.


Thank you, that a great answer


There is a couple of threads on this forum from other Indonesian Beekeepers using flow frames. They should be a good resource for you too.