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Flow Hive Plastic Manifold design- Any 3D Printer People Out there?


OK- I came up with a simple design for a lightweight manifold for the flow frame system. No doubt others have come up with the same idea. It is made of 4 (or 5) components so that it can be adjusted to fit any amount of flow frames. It would be really good to have a manifold so you don’t need to mess around with bees falling into your jar- or cling wrap etc.

Basically- what I think would be best is parts that are made of the same clear plastic as the existing extraction tubes- with male/female end fittings so all the parts can fit/click together. There would be 4 main components: straight pieces, elbows, t junctions and X junctions. These should be made so that you can set up the manifold to extract as many frames as you want- and in any configuration: say- just two frames that are not immediately adjacent to one another. So- some of the straight pieces might have to be different lengths to span between frames. Also a fifth part could be the final sloping extraction outlet tube.

Here is my highly technical design file:

Perhaps some whiz could effortlessly (for me) clean up this design a little- iron out the wrinkles- and make a design file - or even 3D print a prototype? :wink:


I understand that Stuart Anderson has been working on a manifold.


I’m nowhere near thinking about harvest yet, but I think I would just design/print a HF–>1/2"PVC adapter. Then you can build your manifold from cheap, off-the-shelf parts.


Cool idea. But, from what I understand reading on this forum, people are having problems with honey back flowing and flooding the hive because it won’t flow out the tubes fast enough. If you have more than one frame flowing to just one outlet pipe it will back up even more.


@Sting I don’t think anyone is ‘flooding’ their hives? Just small leaks- a few tablespoons at most. This can be managed by cracking the frames in increments- and tilting the hive a few more degrees.


Probably taking me a bit literally there @Semaphore