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3D Printed Flow Frame Honey Harvesting Lid System

Hi Everyone. Not sure why all the videos that Flow put out never show bees diving like mad things into the jar the honey is harvesting into, but it certainly happens to me. So to make life easy, and to save myself from sticky bees, I designed the following 3D print to make a height-adjustable harvesting lid system to fit standard 165mm diameter honey buckets. Hope someone finds it useful. If you want one printed for you I can do, but you will need to pay for the material and postage costs.


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Hiya RevelationSky, how’s it going down that way, are you getting a good flow down Mt Barker way? :upside_down_face:
Would it be hard to add extra pipes to the lid for harvesting more than 1 Fframe?
What volume is the bucket that suits the lid?

Hi Skeggley. Lots of honey flow right now. I was getting frames filled in just over a week. Still harvesting right now (honey running as I type). I could easily add additional holes for extra tubes if needed. I just uploaded version 2 which offsets the hole in the lid and includes a cap so you can carry the honey bucket using the handle on the bucket without hitting the harvesting pipe. The lid has an internal diameter of 165mm which fits a typical 3kg honey bucket.