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Newbie Beekeeper here

Hi All,

I’m a brand new Beekeeper based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Never kept bees before, but something I have always wanted to do. I have purchased and built a Flow Hive, no bees yet - just waiting for my NUC Box to be delivered.

Joined my local bee keeping society and looking forward to joining some classes, once lock down is lifted. Done a load of reading/watching videos to learn what i can.

Looking forward to learning a lot from this community.

Take care


Hi Catpepper,

I live in Tamworth, Staffordshire. Good you’ve joined a local club the knowledge members have will help you no end.

Quite late in the season now so when you get your nuc and transfer it into your Flow brood I’d recommend pre-fitted wax foundation as foundation less frames will use up slot of resources your bees will need soon. If you can get frames from the club pre-drawn comb even better.

Source some Apimix sugar syrup 14kg is fairly cheep and feed your bees all of it.

Use your super box (empty) on top of the crown board with a rapid round or bucket feeder.

Feed for two weeks solid and longer if need be. Inspect weekly to see how the brood pattern and stores are doing.

As it’s a nuc unlikely you’ll have any issues but you might want to sourse a standard honey super with drawn comb or again pre fitted foundation and add when the brood is packed.

You’ll need the extra stores for overwintering and better to do this than using the Flow frames as it can take a while for the bees to use them.

Colony strength and Overwintering prep should be your priorities at this time of the season.

:+1::+1: Welcome to the Flow Family

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely source for some Apimix sugar syrup. Will consult everyone if I have more questions!

Invertbee is also good and reasonable price.

I prefer the commercial feeds as they have added amino acids and minerals and as a backyard beekeeper and expense I’m happy to pay for my fuzzy pets :blush::+1:

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