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Flow Hive & wildlife


We live in the country, in beautiful Oregon. since we have bears on our property, I am wondering if anyone has had experiences with bears and the Flow Hive? How did you handle it?


If you live in bear country your hives will be visited by the Bruins. They just can’t help themselves. Electric fence is best option otherwise they will be in your bee yard. Good luck.


That’s what we are afraid of. I think we are going to mount them on heavy posts, and put them up out of reach. Electric fences are a good idea, too. We are having the bees delivered next week by a pro bee keeper, I will see what he does. So excited to get this started!


Both of these apiaries that belong to members of my bee club were hit by bears. Both are within 20 miles of my house :frowning:

Locations are Jasper and Dawsonville GA

A sow with two cubs were on my property 4 years ago before I purchased my home. None have been by since then.


Don’t go for the pole option. It would be hell to work your hives. Portable, solar electric fene energisers are cheap.



Has anyone tried the nite guard solar predator light? Can’t remember if I saw someone post these on this forum but curious if they work.


Everyone I’ve ever talked to who had to deal with bears has said the only thing that works is an electric fence. Unless you put it on a platform 30 feet off the ground…