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My bear fence, set up and now waiting for bees


Here are my bear fence photos.


I think you may not have enough posts to have that permission yet. It looks like you only have a handful of posts yet.


You have the permissions to do this as a “basic” member the upload feature is a line with a, upward facing arrow. It will bring up a dialogue box where you will choose the source file. You can also drag and drop the pic into the message.


Thanks for sharing the pics, that is a very nice setup!


I live in black bear country… many of my beekeeping neighbors experience bear raids even when they put up chain link fence and electric fence barriers. They still get raided. I have never put up fencing and haven’t put up electric wire… I have been using flashing lights for 11 years and haven’t been raided. I have seen black bear on my motion activated game cameras (knock on wood) my luck continues… here is my YouTube Video showing what i use:
They are available on Amazon? I have such a hard time getting my fellow bee keepers to even try it! I hope some of you will :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/8JiKdi0NF_8 PREDATOR GUARD


Oh thank you, so glad you liked it… the music is licensed through SmartSound Music… they are a royalty free music provider. thanks again!


One member of my Bee Keeping group says he has the answer on how to ‘train’ bears to leave your hives alone. take at least one bull clip for each side or mire for long runs. Then place a piece of bacon in the clip, not a large piece just big enough to fill the clip. What this does is create a distraction to the bear. When they approach the hive the smell of bacon makes them curios. swhen they try to sniff or lick the bacon they get stunned and leave.
The bears fur is too thick to really fell the shock of the fence but their tongue or nose will definitely fell the shock.
He has been doing it for years and his house has the state forest where all of New Jerseys caught bears are relocated.
Hope this helps!


I am certainly glad our drop bears don’t like honey. I’m not sure how you would go about fencing off a hive from them!


We have many customers in bear country. One gentleman in Colorado who’d tried everything else, including electric fences with bait, found that the only consistent method of stopping bears in his apiary was to place thick floormats – the kind you’d find to cushion your feet – with nails stuck upwards through them all around his hives. The bears, once they step on a nail, give up and flee.


Bear Swarmi bed Yeowch


We don’t have bears where I’m at, so I don’t have experience, but over the years he sent me photos of his beautiful hives in pieces after bears got to them. After multiple years of this he decided extreme measures were necessary! So far he’s never reported a failure with this method!


Are these flashing lights on all the time flashing ? Or are they motion activated ? How many battery n what size. Looks like a great addition for intruder defense. Thanks for vid ! Gerald


They are solar powered and only come on at night, but you can turn them off completely for storage, there is a switch on the back. There is also a replaceable rechargeable AA battery inside, but that will last for many years.


Sounds like great product ! I’ll pass product idea to others in rural spots that deal with a few bears from time to time. Gerald :+1:


Glad to help Gerald… I have tested another repellent system that also works on bears, but is a little more expensive. Here is the video showing how it works BEARS do NOT Like noise… CLICK HERE to view the system. Please share with anyone who may want to protect a small area, this wouldn’t be good for large apiaries.


watched your video, very curious as to exactly what a Tennesee _fainting_goat is? Nice opening sequence…but would love to have seen the bear you saw on security camera


Hi Kirsten… a Tennessee Fainting goat is a goat breed that faints… or more accurately just topples over when startled or even overly happy… it’s really a myotonic genetic trait which causes all of their muscles to contract at once, so they may just stand perfectly still, or topple.

The black bear video is on my YouTube channel… just look at my list of videos and you should find it easily. :slight_smile:


So they do exist, if it had been April Fools…:smile:


I’ll post my bear fencing in this thread.

This is at the back of my lower garden that has stud-fencing to keep elk and deer out. A friend kept bees years ago in our meadow near this garden and after 2 years of bears destroying, moved his hives elsewhere.

We tried electric fencing. We still have electric fence up around house gardens. Electric fence does not really scare a bear until you put bacon on it and let it hurt it’s mouth and nose! Otherwise it’s fur is too thick.

That’s our findings, from the foothills of Colorado!. We’re hoping this fence will do the job!!


That’s good news! I’m so glad the bears are leaving your setup alone and hope that continues. Thanks for the update! :slight_smile: