Flow Hive2 Lid Modification

Hello fellow Bee Keepers.
I have a Flow 2 6Frame hive.
I am wanting to make the frame thickness of the lid thicker. the external frame timber around the lid is 24mm thick. I would like to make this perimeter timber thicker to 60mm to gain extra height in roof space for my custom Bee feeder (thank you Cedar). If I do this to my Lid, will it cause any issues for the hive?

I think what you’re describing is a lid rim:

It’s also called a shim (US). They’re easy to make and shouldn’t cause any problems :+1:

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Do you have a two brood boxes or single? If it is single you can use the empty (of frames) super as your shim for your feeder. You don’t really want to feed the bees with your flow super on because a. the super should come off in winter and b. you don’t want sugar honey in your super (you want nectar honey).

If you have double brood box then you either make or buy a shim or use another box.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you Karby.
Yes I have two boxes and was thinking inside the square :upside_down_face:
The answer to my question was sitting in front of me.