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Fitting Flow to a 10 Frame


How do I get the flow hive on this brood box? The flow hive is a lot smaller! I can fit it on but there is a lot of space left on each side and im afraid water would get in! Plus that roof will not fit on the flow hive?



@Ryan_Hanley Ryan you need a shim or eke that fits the larger box - I’m assuming it is a 10 frame Langstroth??
The shim/eke frame needs to have slats added to reduce the size down to the Flow size
I’ll Draw what I mean and post back


Thank you! Would I have to make it or can I buy it?



You will need to seal the join on the Slats and possible a raised bead of Mastic on the inner edges of the Slats to stop water leaking in - does that make sense?
The inner edge of the slat would meet the inner edge measurements of the Flow box


This is a crown board someone has reduced

many Shims ekes double as a second enterence but if you are making one it is up to you - Always come in handy


Thank you! I will give it a shot! What about a roof for the flow box?


You can use the same roof no big deal it will just hang over - beauty of telescopic lids


Just a thought - the idea of the bead is because there will be a flat surface for the rain to catch on and the bead on the inner edge will help prevent the run-off into the hive.
As an aside you could always do a slanting wedge slat to allow outside rain to run-off

Like a wedge only

That way water will run off and not seep into the hive


Umm, im not sure if I am stating the obvious here, but there is space on either side of the flow frames for normal frames to go in. See your 2nd picture. The number of frames depends on if you ordered a 8 or 10 frame langstroth.

Love your chickens by the way :slight_smile: I have the bee hive in the chicken run and they leave each other alone.


If I have the brood Box inclinated already, I won’t need anything? Just put the flow hive on top and the bees should sell it?? For the empty spaces in the flow hive, yes I will fill them with some more but I need to cut some old ones to fit it!!


The roof really doesn’t fit! And the flow hive didn’t come with one!


Cute hen :two_hearts:
Good news is that unless your hive is already jumping & you have a major flow on, you won’t need your Flow frames quite yet. What region of the world are you in?


I’ve built all kinds of adapters for BS to Langstroth, eight frame to ten frame. If it’s a case of only one dimension usually a board one the side will cover the gap.

If it is off in two directions I have build an adapter that is two boards in one direction screwed to two boards in the other direction. The top box fits between two of the boards and the bottom box fits between the other two. I wish I had a picture of it, but I don’t generally run BS hives… so I don’t have any around anymore.