Flow 2 Lid Modification?

Hello fellow Bee Keepers.
I have a Flow 2 6Frame hive.
I am wanting to make the frame thickness of the lid thicker. the external frame timber around the lid is 24mm thick. I would like to make this perimeter timber thicker to 60mm to gain extra height in roof space for my custom Bee feeder (thank you Cedar). If I do this to my Lid, will it cause any issues for the hive?

I can’t see any issues with making the roof 60mm higher. You could make a 60mm shim that you can use only while you’re feeding. You might want to strap your roof down to hold it in place.


Glue some spacers to the inner cover? :grinning:

Thank you Martha for your response.

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OK here’s what I forgot to tell you. I use vivaldi boards in the winter and put my flow roofs on top. It’s ample space for the feeder I use. I’m not sure about the measurements but it raises the roof about 3.5 to 4 inches. Here’s what the boards are about. Vivaldi Boards - DO THEY WORK? - YouTube

Thanks again Martha.
After all the great comments and info from all, I opted to go with using a second empty Brood box sitting on top of the lower brood box. Thus allowing me to use a taller, larger Feeder.
Than you very much for the information you have supplied me with.
Kind regards

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That’s a practical solution as the brood box may come in handy one day.