Flow 2 Lid Modification?

Hello fellow Bee Keepers.
I have a Flow 2 6Frame hive.
I am wanting to make the frame thickness of the lid thicker. the external frame timber around the lid is 24mm thick. I would like to make this perimeter timber thicker to 60mm to gain extra height in roof space for my custom Bee feeder (thank you Cedar). If I do this to my Lid, will it cause any issues for the hive?

I can’t see any issues with making the roof 60mm higher. You could make a 60mm shim that you can use only while you’re feeding. You might want to strap your roof down to hold it in place.


Glue some spacers to the inner cover? :grinning:

Thank you Martha for your response.

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OK here’s what I forgot to tell you. I use vivaldi boards in the winter and put my flow roofs on top. It’s ample space for the feeder I use. I’m not sure about the measurements but it raises the roof about 3.5 to 4 inches. Here’s what the boards are about. Vivaldi Boards - DO THEY WORK? - YouTube

Thanks again Martha.
After all the great comments and info from all, I opted to go with using a second empty Brood box sitting on top of the lower brood box. Thus allowing me to use a taller, larger Feeder.
Than you very much for the information you have supplied me with.
Kind regards

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That’s a practical solution as the brood box may come in handy one day.

Hi Martha, do you know if can you source those boards in Australia? And do they fit on top of the flow super OK?

Not sure but I did buy a few of mine from Amazon