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Flow hives in Cheshire United Kingdom


Hi everyone I’ve just bought a flow hive and i was wondering if anyone else in the United Kingdom has one that lives near Cheshire and if yours has been set up for a season what advice you have for a newbee :honeybee:



I’m a Flow-Owner over in the West Coast in US… I know there are quite a few Flow-Hive in the UK… Just keep watch n be patient … Someone with local knowledge should address you soon.

Welcome aboard n enjoy. I got mine in mid July here in Washington State. They have filled a double deep “Flow” already but is too late for the Flow-Super.

. I’m looking forward to season 2017 n a successful Flow-hive honey harvest. I also have four other non-Flow hives as well. I am a returning beekeeper from my teen years in the 1950’s n 60’s.

Take care n keep learning,


Hi Gerald
Thanks I’m hoping to connect with a few local flow hive keepers as local knowledge of how they work here would be great! Carnt wait to get it and treat the wood then set it up


Put a feeler out on the UK flow FB page. Have you got yellow fields around you in the spring?


Good idea thanks I’ve just looked them up and requested to join


I’m not a million miles away - in Lichfield, about an hour and a half from you. I’m a newbie too!


With the state of the UK motorways at the moment, that could be 8 hours! :smiling_imp:

We took a 3.5 hour drive in June, but it took 10 hours. Gloucester to Leeds, much of it at 5 mph or less… :scream:


Hi Sally? Is your hive set up now or have you just bought it like me?


Lol indeed! it can be a bit hit and miss can’t it!


the bees are in the brood box at the apiary - i’m bringing it home tomorrow! :slight_smile:


What type of bees have you picked?


erm… honey bees!!! sorry I’ve no idea, i put my name down for a nuc and have got what i was given!!


I’ve ordered a Nuc of Buckfast bees for early next year as my hive hasn’t come yet and even when it does I need to set it up probably not the cheapest option but I’ve been told it will be worth it! Was your Nuc a lot?


i paid £100 but it included everything i needed, including lots of people helping me out, building things, feeding them etc!!


That’s a really good price from what I’ve seen! Let me know how you get on over the next few weeks


Oh really? what does anyone else pay? i’ve got no idea!


We paid $175 for a 5-frame nucleus with a young (born 2016), laying, marked VSH-Italian queen. Seems a lot, but they were very high quality nuclei with lots of food stores and nice brood pattern.


that’s about £135 in US dollars, or about the same in Australian! are you in the states?


I’ve ordered an over wintered Nuc with a Buckfast queen/colony from a bee breeder that’s got good reviews and after sales care and it’s £195 but I’ve seen the same thing for £295 from other breeders! Buckfast are ment to be very very sedate and calm and the least prone to swarming but we will see! U will have a head start on me so I’d love to know how you get on over the next few weeks


Transplanted to San Diego, California almost 20 years ago. We kept bees for years in the UK (Oxford) before we moved, so I have some appreciation of beekeeping in both countries. :wink: