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Hive arrived Today UK


Our flow frames arrive today yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Just got to put it altogether and fit onto to the main frame and wait for it all to be filled.
So exited.
Will be back with results.
All the best to everyone for the help etc,
And to the company.


Hi All
Went into hive this morning and found the lady,s all over the top flow frames yeeeeeeeeee.All we have got to do is wait while they fill them and then easy peesy lemon peesi.
I really am so pleased with the flow hive,its great.And regardless of what other people are moaning about we think it is great,lets hope the weather gets wormer so there will be lots of honey to get.


I think you must be one of the first Flow hivers to get the flow frames on the hive here in the UK. Good Luck and keep us updated.


So do you have one?or what?


I did put them on for 2 week last October - does that count?? LOL


Yes I have one…but my langstroth colony decided to requeen last autumn so build up this spring is slow. I might use a board and put it over a British Standard hive instead…that is if we get a good summer…otherwise it will continue to decorate my sitting room!
No Valli…it doesn’t count…ha ha…


The Old Beek today was saying the reason he lost so many Bees this winter is they didn’t mate well last year due to bad weather. So I feel luck that Sapphire was mated when the weather was pretty good and she came through winter well.

Several have said the Queens didn’t mate so well last “Summer” in the UK