New Forest Flow keepers, UK

Hi There, Anyone else in east Dorset or the new forest waiting for their flow hive? it would be great to say hello and open the conversations!

No luck either ? Lol I opened one looking for yorkshire uk flow keepers.

How long u been beekeeping ?

hi, i’m based near winchester - so just up the road and looking forward to receiving my full flow hive this december!
I really need to gen up on beekeeping, so books ordered and frantically looking to join a club or meet up with a beekeeper that won’t dismiss my purchase.

Yeah I’m same Cant wait. Yeah there still lots to learn that you will need to know that dosnt involve getting the honey out of hive.

Hi, Originally I was going to keep hives on the edge of the Avon valley flood-plain, but given the cost of the FlowHive, my plan is now to have it in a garden in Christchurch, which I believe is now merged with East Dorset.

Hello, yes we’re from Swanage.

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G’day Alex - we have a Flow UK web site if you want UK Beeks to Chat to

That would be brilliant Valli

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whats the website address?

Sorry just called “Flow Hive UK”

Is it the Facebook group because I think I’m already a member.

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@AlexGousseau trouble is people use different names and I get easily confused LOL

How is your Flowhive doing ? I have a very healthy brood box,but my girls were a bit reluctant to go into the super - just in the last week they seem to have got the hang of it now.

@adrian My girls have filled my Flows to 1/3, then again then to 1/2 but each time they eat it - weather here has not been consistent - the Tilia/Lime/Lindens whichever you want to call them are just flowering so watch this space.

If we get a decent run of weather they will fill soon I hope

My first harvest - 1.3kg from one Flowframe :smile: