How many frames do i need for my Langstroth boxes?

Hi all, I have 2 Langstroth boxes that I want to modify and buy Flow hive frames for, but am not sure how many I need, I am new to this, so I apologise for my naivety.

My boxes measure approx external: 510mm x 405mm internal: 465mm x 360mm.

I was also wondering why in the pictures one box sits on top of another, and what is in the bottom box, what’s it for, I know another silly question I know lol

Thanking you in advance.

I would STRONGLY recommend that you get in touch with a local Beekeeping club and perhaps find a mentor to guide you along. But let me at least begin by answering your questions. Langstroth boxes come in either 10 frame (traditional) or 8 frame versions. Typically, one has a brood box on the bottom of a stack. There are either 8 or 10 frames in this box. It holds brood (eggs, larvae, baby bees) and is where the queen lays eggs and bees are born. Usually the middle of each frame has brood and the outside of the frames hold a bit of honey and pollen used to feed the queen and brood. Typically beekeepers place another box on top of the brood box. The bees will use this box to make even more brood and to store nectar and pollen. Beekeepers will add more and more boxes as the bees need them. The Flow Frame Super usually goes on the very top of the stack. Bees will (hopefully) fill it with nectar, dehumidify it to under 19% and then cap it, letting the beekeeper know it is ready for harvest.

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Hi @Miike, I am assuming that you know very little about bees as Chipper has pointed out, I would suggest getting some good reading material on beekeeping, there is tons of it online. Just search for publications either in this forum or google and/or Youtube. As for modifying existing langstroth boxes checkout some of the instructions on this website.