Flow-Light in my New HONEYCOMB HIVES Integrative Beekeeping System

Thought you all might like to see a short video of Flow-Light Frames built into my NEW Integrative Beekeeping System. This particular Hive shown is called a 3X Fold-Hive and is one of seven hive types that are being introduced online, on KickStarter and soon on INDIEGOGO by my NC, USA company, HONEYCOMB HIVES.

If you see this and enjoy it please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook and comment. Bee Well All!

(oh well - best laid plans foiled - just got a message I can’t upload cause I’m supposedly new to FLOW.
(Joined three years ago and bought Flow Light, but guess I’m still persona non grata)

Here is a YouTube link:


Nobody can directly upload videos to the forum, except for Flow, perhaps. :blush:

The way around this is to upload your video to YouTube, then paste the link into your message. I know you did that, but if you use the short YouTube “Share” link to paste from, we get a preview on the forum. :wink: Like this:

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Thanks much Dawn_SD Especially as a NewBee here, I appreciate the kind guidance

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