Appreciation of your revolutionary innovation - Fantastic

I just wanted to thank all of you over at Flow Hive for bringing out this great innovation. More exciting to me than the product itself really is the enthusiasm and passion that has been created by this revolutionary idea. It strikes me that a time when bee populations are threatened that anything that raises awareness of bees, their role in nature and creates a passion for getting involved is a fantastic step.

Thanks Flowhivers


As an experienced beekeeper I am intrigued by this new tool to use in the apiary! I am retired and had to move from 10 frame hives to 8. Lifting is not an option for me now and the cost of extracting equipment is out of reach. I look forward to the 3 Frame light which suits my husband and me perfectly. Normally I pull just one frame a year but with 3 I can share with family.
Thank you!


Agree with this. The folks at Flow have done an amazing job beyond just the creation itself. the communications and the extra effort such as using their fame to raise funds for important causes are awesome. And this forum initiative is just another example! Well done!

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I echo everything that’s been said above thank you for making access into beekeeping that bit easier I’m so excited!


This just might be the thing that will save the bee population worldwide. Their numbers should surge with so many new hives being introduced.


I’d like to thank the flow hive team, not just for their great invention, but also their humankindness as they have offered two flow hives up for raffle to help those in Vanuatu after cyclone Pam and now after the terrible earthquake in Napal. You are kind generous people and the world is a better place. Thanks


Here, here! Looking forward to getting started, thanks for inventing something that will make it easier the world over ;]

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