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Flow light photo shoot with pics


A few pics from last weeks photo shoot, you may have seen the pics going up on FB the last few days.

We pulled a Flow frame out as well just to show the end view and how well the whole frame is capped with ripe honey.

Also shows how the Flow light can still give honeycomb as well as Flow honey, the restaurant where this hive is at cannot get enough honeycomb for their desserts :grinning:

Mirabai is getting such incredible pics of bees, many just on an iPhone hehe.


In addition to all the other interesting stuff I enjoyed watching the honey level rise in that collection jar!


Hi, Jake said that youโ€™re working with flow hives and tbh, Iโ€™m a newbie to bee keeping, (one month into research and being mentored, no bees till next spring) and interested in tbhs AND flow hives. Is there a way I can follow your progress please, sorry new to forum too. Thanks Beth


Great pictures. Makes me even more eager to get mine. :smiley: