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Flow Super contraption doesn’t close all cells

Hey guys about the end of my first year I noticed that the Flow Super cells were not all being closed properly.

Attached images. I can’t get through to support so wondering what I should do?


Are you getting the flow key all the way to the back of the flow frame? Can you see in through the key access hole if all the segments are lined up or if any are jammed/broken?

Hi Elliot, try this site Flow Hive troubleshooters site on Facebook.

Hi Elliot and welcome - I’m tagging @Freebee2 from the Flow team to help connect you for best advice.

To me, it looks like brood rearing has been happening in your Flow frames. If the frames were not already set in the closed position when you placed them on the hive, and somehow either your queen got up there or you have laying workers, then subsequent cocoons left behind in the cells from pupae could be the reason the parts won’t move now.

Good luck, I hope you get it sorted out!


Thanks for tagging me @Eva

@Elliot_Scali It’s normal (and intentional) for the frames to have a slight offset - this is to prevent the bees legs from being caught in the frames as they close - if you’re experiencing anything beyond this please email info@honeyflow.com with your photos (and order number, if you still have it) and we will trouble shoot the issue with you to work out what’s happening and how best to fix it for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon :slight_smile:

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