Flow Super with Medium Brood Boxes

I am an new beekeep with w 2 hives, all 10 frame medium brood boxes. Soon will be adding supers - sooo - can I use a flow super, if so what size?

Flow Supers are all deeps. Most people have their six flow frames in an 8-frame langstroth but a few (@Gerald_Nickel - you have a few 10-frames don’t you???) have their seven flow frames in a 10-frame langstroth. Are you looking to modify an existing deep or buy the deep with the frames? @Faroe could perhaps point you to the super & frames at the flow shop.

Looking to buy the deep with the frames…


There are a few timber types. If you have 10-frame langstroths you want a 7-frame flow…

“Flow Frames ( 6 to fit a Langstroth sized 8 frame box, or 7 to fit a Langstroth sized 10 Frame box)”

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Yes you can. Either the Classic Cedar 7 Frame on this page:

Or the Hybrid Cedar 4 Frame on this page:

…Something to point out. I’m in Australia. I’m assuming you’re not…so just google “FLOW HIVE HONEY FLOW”. I think Australia has a different site compared to the US/Global locations.

Also…word of caution…do NOT buy a fake from eBay or Amazon…

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I currently have one 8 frame Flow-hive n 2 more 8 frame non flow-hives. I also have 3 10 frame Langstroth hives. All my hive brood n first supers are deeps for better survive honey supply in our northern wet climate near Seattle.

My wife bought me a new 7 frame Flow-Super to try on one of my Langstroth hives this season. I’ve been able to add my 6 frame Flow-super to a real enthusiastic colony of bees in my Flow this Spring. It’s been on for about two weeks already n the girls are busy (looking in the end window) on the three more center Flow-frames.

That should catch you up on our progress here in the Foothill country east of Puget Sound.



Thank you SIR - I appreciate it!