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Flowhive 2 tight roof

We just put together 2 separate flow hive 2s and both of the roofs are so tight my inner cover got stuck inside! Anyone having this issue? Any suggestions? We were planning on sanding the inside of the roofs, but it’s going to take a lot of sanding to make them fit easily…

I suggest you send photos and your original order number to info@honeyflow.com. They will help you out with it very quickly as @Freebee2 will confirm. :wink:

That’s no good Sarah, sorry to hear this - would you mind emailing info@honeyflow.com for product assistance please? That way we will be able to access your order information and account and communications history so we can better assist you.

Thanks @Dawn_SD for tagging me and for assisting Sarah

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I had this problem with my initial assembly because the roof wasn’t completely square. A little nudge then glue and clamp fixed it…

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I actually have been emailing back and forth with Anika from the flow team for a few months regarding shipping delays and fixing my order. I just sent her an email mentioning how tight the roofs are. The boxes that have a coat of paint on them I can’t get the roof to slide over the edge at all :neutral_face:

Thanks Sarah, I’ll check in with her and make sure it’s all under control - I’m sure it will be, you are in good hands :slight_smile:

Ok, update. I spent some time in our woodshop this morning and reassembled the roofs, checking fit and measurements as I went. They both fit now, but still very snug. I’m concerned that if the wood expands even a millimeter or 2 next winter, it will be stuck. So, I sanded the inside of each roof until we had a bit more breathing room. They both slide on and off easily now. Yay for patience and ingenuity! :hugs: Thanks for all of the support here.


Great to hear you have it up and running Sarah - please do get in touch again by email if you need any further assistance :slight_smile: