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Flowhive position too close?

Help Position our flow hive… How close is too close? We would love our bees nearby so we can watch them, does this look too close to the deck where we sit ?
Also I’ve made a little steel mount for the hive assembly to sit on, about 600mm above ground level. Is this a practical height for access, inspections and harvesting? All adjustable, so we could easily move it to a better optimal position. Would love some feedback, before our bees move in.

I see some problems here.
Firstly, the hive is too far above ground level to open the hive to carry out inspections, which you will have to do regularly to look after your bees. Standing on the slope will make it doubly difficult.
Secondly, the extrance to the hive seems to be at head height. Bees will fly out of the entrance directly and even if they are the sweetest in the world will sting if they crash into somebody. Taking account of the flight path is one of the most important aspects of siting hives.
I also think the seat is too close for a fixed position. If i was fixing a seat I wouldnt put it closer than 2m. A non fixed seat is a different matter as it can be positioned depending on the number and temperament of the bees at any particular time.


Thanks Jim
Good advice
I have moved it further from deck, and also lowered the stand :+1:t2:

Just a small follow up.
A fullhive of brood and honey can be really heavy. That post and foundation will need to be strong and secure. Righting a toppled beehive and putting it back together is not to be envied. :slight_smile:

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