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Complete FlowHive for sale in Canada

Flow™ Hive, Classic Cedar 6 Frame aka Complete Full Flow Hive - Unopen still in its shipping cardboard box.

I’m no longer interested in setting up/maintaining this project and I’m looking to sell ASAP. Please private message me your highest offer in USD not including shipping. Thanks!

hi ,would offer 550$usd,allan from Huntsville ontario

FYI; If you want to message flowhive_ken you may click on his name up by the gold ‘F’ and then click the message icon in the right upper corner of the profile window that pops up.

Bonjour Ken

I’m in Montreal and would be interested in purchasing your Flow Bee Hive for my Fathers B-Day.
. Is it still available ?

Please give me a call in Alberta willing to purchase from you 14036693754

In case its still for sale. I’m interested in buying it as well. Thank you. -Troy

Is this sold? My apologies if I missed Sold on your ad.