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Found the Queen and Varroa at the same time! see pic


So my question is…does this sample size give me an indication of how many (at least 5 are quite visible (look to the right of the queen). Would like to stay chemical free (surrounding beekeepers are definitely not in agreement)! Any comments or suggestions welcome. NJ bees from overwintered nuc (chemical free per beekeeper I got them from) doing well in two 8 frame deeps, I am in NJ too!


Most of the Varroa will be on the underside of the abdomen between the plates. The ones you see aren’t attached. I would do a sugar shake to get a more accurate count if you want to count Varroa.


Yes get that sugar shake done.
By the time you see varroa on the bees they are in trouble especially if there is brood.
Have you spotted any bees with deformed wings?


Did a 24 hour count got just about 60. Yikes. Today went thru the hive before treating with powdered sugar :blush: Decided it couldn’t hurt. Top box of two deeps almost full 6 frames out of 8 full of honey Bottom just a small amount of brood and some pollen. Should I be worried ?


I would be. I would treat with something more reliable than powdered sugar… :sweat:


After finding out that Vino is now going to be using Apivar strips & then reading up on it. Literature put out by Apivar itself. Is Apivar a viable option at this stage?


Hi LC, it might be best to listen to the surrounding beekeepers. I have a simple analogy, we all love our children & grandchildren. We wouldn’t let them suffer or die if there was a treatment available to cure & save their lives. Or ourselves or spouses for that matter.


Depends what mythical being you believe in Jeff…!