Foundation Dimensions

I’ve been told that wax coated plastic foundations work best in our area because of the heat. (To prevent meltoff), What size should I buy to fit my Hive 2?

I agree with you about using the waxed plastic foundation but the wax won’t generally melt, but it will get very soft and may collapse without the support of the plastic. Some people (I think @Eva ) use bamboo skewers for their foundationless frames which would also provide some support.

You need “deep” sized foundation. The black varieties make it easier to spot eggs, so I prefer it for brood boxes. The color doesn’t matter so much for supers, if you are planning to use traditional supers in addition to or instead of your flow frames.

Make sure that you provide your hive some shade in the afternoon in your hot summer climate and make sure the bees have consistent access to water. When you set up your water station, a few drops of bleach or a little table salt is attractive to the bees. Once they discover a consistent water source they will tend to return to the same spot. Mine really prefer the mucky water in the plant saucers.

If you’ve not already done so, sign up for a beekeeping class and get yourself some beginner books.

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