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Wax frames collapsing in hive

Hello, I have a newish hive that is only a couple of months old. Early on they began to make rogue come between the frames, which I’ve figured out is due to the wax foundation falling over or splitting due to the heat. I intertwined the foundation between the wires as well as sit them in the wooden groove to no avail. I will be inspecting today to see if it has happened again after replacing the dodgey frames. If they are still falling apart would one suggest to switch to plastic frames? thanks

Hi Tom, stick with wax foundation, however find someone who can help you & show you how to properly embed the wires into the wax. I have seen intertwined foundation between the wires before, which only turns into a disaster.

I think plastic foundation is ok as long as it’s well coated with wax.

Just to add to what @JeffH has said, if you have had very hot weather, you may need to provide some midday shade (shade cloth) over the hive to keep it cool. Once the hive gets much over 40°C, it is very difficult for the bees to stop the wax from melting and slumping inside the hive. :blush:

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Just a thought. I’m a newbie too but I purchased ready made embedded frames and the bees took to them straight away.


Great idea if you don’t have time or experience to do it yourself. Thanks for suggesting this! :blush:

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