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Foundation in Flow Hive Frames?

I’ve recently purchased two 6 frame Flow hives, a Flow Hive 2 and a Flow Hive 2+. I live in northern Michigan and plan on purchasing two 5 frame nucs this spring from a local beekeeper.

I am planning on putting foundations in the Flow frames in my brood boxes and was wondering how difficult it might be to putting wired foundation (see below) in the Flow Hive foundation-less frames?

Deep 8 1/2" X 16 3/4" Crimp Wired Long Hook - 10 Pack

The frames that come with the flow hive, I believe, have end bars with holes for wire to pass through.

Not sure how these wire ends will fit into the frames. Worst case, I guess you could just clip the ends of the wires off if they are in the way but otherwise should be ok.

You could also go with waxed plastic foundation, which is more durable/strong and can be scraped down if need be.

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So basically you don’t know.

Yep. No idea about your specific case.

What I don’t know is if the frames you have came with holes (mine did) and if the wire spacing on the foundation is the same as the holes in the frame…

But now that I look at the foundation you have, I’m pretty sure it won’t work with the wires because the foundation is made to go with wedge top bars, the top bars on the flow provided frames are groove bars.

I thought @chau06 's response was quite helpful.
I think a good option would be to seek out some local knowledge or join a bee group, which is what Flow recommends anyway…

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