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Foxes in the backyard


G’day, Question for any who have foxes near by?

How do they interact if at all with Bee Hives??

We had a family of 7 Foxes last year they were adorable but don’t really want to scare them off - Although not seen them this year?

I’m hoping the Hive will keep neighbours cat’s out of my yard that will be a definite Plus!!

Don’t get me wrong I love Cats - just don’t like them using my garden as toilet, playground and scaring off the wildlife


Sorrry, I am replying and laughing at the same time😂 My 22 year old cat LOVES to sleep under the hives. I think she likes the steady humming from the bees. As far as the foxes, my hives are on stands 12-14 inches high. That way a predator has to reach up and expose its belly where the bees can get them.


Loads of coyotes. No problems at all.


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I Love having my Foxes - Last year was the biggest den Count I’d ever seen but they have mysteriously vanished. They would normally be in the garden - the Fox and the Vixon

Fox - He had mange

Pretty little vixen cub


Vixen and 5 cubs playing

I’m in the house. They know I’m there the Vixen keeps an eye on me.
They are 25 meters from the house, Sorry about the clarity.


I love your post for two reasons…1) 22 year old cat? Wow, that is the oldest cat I’ve ever heard off…good job! Ok, 2) Sleeps under the hives? OMG…I think you need to post a photo of that…:slight_smile: Watch the foxes, they kill cats.


I have fox and coyotes…I don’t want either around. Fox make that strange coughing sound. Know what I mean? Its odd.


Foxes are much like dogs and my experience with dogs is they are like people; they respond differently.

Of the 6 family dogs;

2 ignore the hives
3 avoid the hives
1 hunts the bees. No matter how many times the fool gets stung he just can NOT leave them alone. Doesn’t bother the hive, just the bees.