Frame sizes w incoming first nuc

I am getting my first nuc of 5 frames in Spring and am wondering how standard Langsroth frames that I am receiving will mix in with the FlowHive frames since they are wider. Should I just use another 5 Langsroth vs mixy matchy? How to deal w spaces issues or is this not really an issue? Will the super still work ok?

Also, geezer here, hoping to add a medium eventually as brood grows for ease of lifting but looks like earlier Flow Hives couldn’t accomodate? Can super function on standard Langstroth medium? Or more FlowHive frames to purchase. Thanks!

I have a flow hive 2 super on a standard langstroth medium (not flow), which is on the flow brood box. It isn’t an issue, even though the dimensions of the medium are slightly wider than the flow hive, but not enough to create a gap.

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Thanks, but my ? is more about the variance in the width of frames. Am I misunderstanding that standard frames are thinner and can I just plunk my nuc in between Flow frames?

I am not sure that I have understood your question properly, but let me have a go at answering, and then you can tell me if I missed the mark. :blush:

Your Flow hive brood box is designed to take standard deep Langstroth frames. It has space for either 8 or 10 frames for brood, depending on which size you purchased. When I install a nucleus, I take the 5 frames of bees, brood and honey, and put them into the middle of the brood box, in exactly the same order that they were in the nucleus box. I then put 2 empty Langstroth frames (with foundation) on one side of the nucleus, and fill the other side with either one or 3 frames, depending on the brood box size. It is important for the brood box to have the correct number of frames. Do not space out the 5 frames to fill the box, as it will mess up the bee space in the hive, and you will likely get them building crazy comb between the frames. Some people “checkerboard” the nucleus frames, by putting empty frames between two nucleus frames. I don’t like doing this unless the nucleus is very strong, as you are messing up the bees’ workspace. However, if you are using foundationless frames, this method can help to reduce cross comb-building problems.

Do not mix the nucleus frames with the plastic Flow frames. The plastic Flow frames go in the super above a queen excluder on top of any brood boxes. :blush:

The medium should fit fine on top of the brood box, but only use it when the 8 or 10 frames in the lower box are at least 80% full and covered with bees. Do not add the Flow super until the brood box and the medium are full, as it will be too much space for a young colony to heat/cool and defend from pests.

Please ask if I didn’t answer what you were asking, and I will try again! :wink:

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I quite like having a medium on one of my hives as the bees really do well with the extra honey stores and space. I ended up cutting an old Flow brood box in half and then doing the same with the brood frames, as two deeps was too much for them to handle. It only seemed to be necessary for one colony and was a decision I made after I found they were overcrowded often, and after a full harvest one season, followed by unexpected endless storms I had to pack down the hive and feed them.

A single medium though is not going to be a large enough colony size if you intend this to be the only brood box. Of course two mediums makes up for this, but when it comes to inspecting that likely makes it a little more time consuming with little upside, compared with just removing a few deep brood frames.

Hmm reading over you questions again, are you wanting to keep Flow Frames alongside brood frames and just have a single box hive? It wont be enough space and the Flow Frames will be filled with brood eventually or the nuc might not settle in at all.

The Flow Frames are wider, 3 Flow Frames takes up around the same space as 4 brood frames.

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does this help at all? How do I Modify a Langstroth Box for Flow Frames?

Yes, you did. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the advice, also. I have 10 frame but now that I’m in bee class, wish I had gone w 8. I am looking at foundation frames to add to nuc, seems easier to buy vs retrofit. And yes, just planning ahead to have medium on the sidelines for when the deep fills up.

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Hi, I do have a deep as came w the kit. I am working on my supply list and understand that as my hive grows, a medium on the deep will be easier to manage. Sorry for my poorly phrased question. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for helping.

There is something to be said about having all your frames the same size. It has some advantages:
You only “hold” stock of one size
Frames fit in either super
If you run a single brood super you can rotate frames to help manage swarming

This doesn’t mean they both have to be FD, you could transition to WSP or Manley if weight is an issue.

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As @Metsker is US based, WSP will not make sense… :wink:

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