NUC Size for Flow Hive 2+

Hello friends,

First time aspiring beekeeper here and very excited.

I have a Flow Hive 2+ (the 7 frames size) that I’ve build over the winter and placed on my property. I am getting ready to order a NUC. However, I was a little confused by a response I got from one of my local NUC sellers. He said that a 5-frame NUC was too big for my 7 frame Flow Hive 2+, that they would not have enough room.

I’m confnused… I thought that, with a 7 frame Flow Hive 2+ that buying a traditional 5 frame NUC is the correct thing to dol Can anyone help me understand what size NUC I’m supposed to be getting for my 7 frame Flow Hive 2+?



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It sounds the right fit to me. A 7 frame flow hive super sits on top of a 10 frame langstroth brood box (when the brood box is almost full). I started with 5 frame Nuc too.

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

Ermmm, he is totally wrong, but don’t tell him that! :rofl: I think he probably doesn’t understand that your brood box has space for 10 frames. Even with the 8 frame brood boxes, a 5 frame nucleus is great. The more frames you put into a new hive (within reasonable limits, i.e. up to 10), the better! Just ask @JeffH - he has been known to sell full brood boxes of bees. Your hive will get a much faster start with a decent population of bees. Five frames is fine, 8 or ten would be even better, but I haven’t met anyone except Jeff H who sells those. The only thing you need to do is inspect for space more carefully and be ready for adding boxes or doing swarm prevention sooner.

I love your avatar, by the way. Any friend of Snoopy is a friend of mine!

Just ask if you have more questions, and we will try to help



Thank you so much Dawn, for the answer and the offer of future answers :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

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Thank you John! Very reassuring to hear.