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Frames and keeping track of the hive placement


OK a strange thing occurred to me - yes I’m strange it happens frequently - it was suggested that I colour code my Frames as per the quote above.

I’m an organised person and I like to have things sequential, Alphanumeric, colour coded etc - yes probably An*l retentive but hey someone has to be.

If I colour code my Frames by year there are still going to be 20, 30, 50 Frames of the same year.

I notice at the club they put a drawing pin to denote where the Queen cell was put in the hive. If the frames were not only coloured but numerical as well pink 20, blue 12 etc would it help to take hive notes and keep track of the Frames and with a little more precision?

Does anyone do this or something similar?

I would be interested to know and how you get on with it.


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This year my top bars are marked 2015 with my queen marking pen; last year 2014