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Frames are deeper then the broodbox


indent preformatted text by 4 spaceshi everyone

just started to assemble a second brood box and noticed that frames are deeper than the brood box! I checked the honey flow brood box and that is not the case there. I am a newbee but i don’t think the brood box should be deeper than the box itselfe or am I wrong?




Hi Flozza,

Not totally sure why your frames are deeper than the brood hive box.

mine are standard Langstroth deeps that measure 9 5/8". These deep frames fit in all my hives (ex. A Nuc’s Observation hive n standard deep hives bodies). . So if your frames are extending below the brood box the frames are too deep ( more 9 5/8") or your brood hive is cut wrong … Also the hanger lip inside in your hive body could have been cut too allowing the frames to extend below the hive bottom. Look n measure ! The frame should suspension about one bee space below the top of the hive body. This Obs hive it is flush but most are approx 3/8" below like in next photo below. . I hope I am making sense for you to see n understand. Good luck n happy beekeeping …


Hi Gerlad

Thanks for your help. Will measure everything tomorrow and if it is the case that something is cut wrong I will let the supplier know that i need a replacement. Thanks again! :bee:


If you are handy you could probably install a piece of window trim molding around the box(its readily available in our home improvement stores in the USA) typically this measures 3/4"wide by 1/8" thick which is about what appears to be sticking out the bottom. A replacement would be the easiest answer but if you need to “make it work” this could be a solution.