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Free bees in Wollongong Australia


Hi all,

I have a flow hive with a full healthy brood box, flow super went on a month or so ago, bees appear to be taking to it nicely. Unfortunately I have to move house and simply cannot keep my bees. I have not looked inside the flow super for a few weeks.

I want to keep the hive boxes (and set up next year when I move into a new permanent place) so ideally need to find someone who would like to take the brood frames full of bees and I guess maybe borrow the flow frames for as long as needed.

I will get suited up and do a full inspection of the flow frames within a week or so, but at the moment I’m not quite sure how populated the cells are in the flow frames. The photo of the end of the flow frames didn’t come out great but there appears to be much action in there a few minutes ago when I had a look under the cover.

See photos below. If you are interested in taking my bees they are free to a good home. Call me on 0409 626 501 or contact me at aaron.davis@ektimo.com.au



Hi Aaron,

Good to chat mate. I’ll email you separately.