Looking for flow hivers in Hornsby NSW or upper North shore

Hi I am waiting on my flow hive (due this week). I also got some bees last week that are very healthy.

Just wanted to see if anyone in the Hornsby area or upper north shore NSW have one yet and how they are going.

I have some beekeeping experience (my father was an amateur beekeeper). I am also joining the NSABKA but really wanted to get in touch with people that have set theirs up for any tips.

Look forward to hearing from you.


This time of year I would be looking at building the hive up. How many frames have you got drawn out? How many frames of brood have you got?

I live in the Blue Mountains so its a bit different here but we are going into winter so getting your hive good and strong is paramount. Put the Flow super in the shed till next spring when you have a good flow going and a strong hive ready for work.

As for feeding, make sure you use an internal feeder or you stand a good chance of getting robbed out this time of year.


Hi Rob

I too live in the lower Blue Mtns and await the arrival of my Flow hive. When it arrives, I have plenty of time to set it up ready for Sept when all the action begins. Any tips on where I can get a good local nuc from with Italian queen come Sept.


Thanks Rob

Will check hive again this weekend.

I Hade a quick look in last weekend and it looked pretty healthy.

Lots of brood and the 10 frames all had wax and honey.

I hade bought this last Thursday and he had it as a swarm collect from about 6 weeks ago.

I have now placed in a super water feeder to give them a boost.

When the flow hive arrives I was going to transfer them into that brood box reducing from the 10 frame to 8 frames.

was not sure about the flow super. going into winter.
Do you have yours started have the bees taken to the supers?



Hi Peter,
I am located on the north shore of Sydney, have a Flow hive and am a member of the NSBKA. All my hives are going strong after the Bloodwood flowering thoughout the area. Beetles are decimating hives all over Sydney however mine have been relatively beetle free due to multiple traps. Anywhere on the north shore is great for bees, the majority of households have decent size gardens and there are large tracts of bushland with eucalypts. Not much flowering at the moment, however I’ll reach out to the other beekeepers and let you know whats coming next. I have 2 new hive splits from 2 weeks ago and haven’t fed them, so you shouldn’t need to give them any syrup. Cheers Rod


Last queen I purchased was from Hornsby Bee-keeping at Mt Druitt. They do packages as well in spring.


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Thanks Rod

When did you get your flow hive over the summer or just this year?

I am right on the bush in HH. Still plenty of blossom around over the the bush along with the Lily Pili starting to flower along ours and neighbours hedge they are getting stuck into it.
When do you suggest putting a super on top and if so how many flow frames?



Have had my Flow for some time, if your 10 frame hive has bees on every frame and then could place a super on top now, they should be able to draw out comb and give you some winter stores to keep them going. I modified a 10 frame box to fit 7 x Flow frames. Consider putting a roof on your Langstroth as the condensation and mould buildup can be an issue.

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