SOLD Complete flow hive for sale Brisbane

Due to a horrible divorce, I have to sell my complete flow hive system. Still in boxes and includes a founding member net hat.
Please message if you are interested.
I have posted this elsewhere.

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Sorry about the horrible stuff. What size, what price, where can it be seen, please? . I’m in Bris every mid week. Cheers. Leo

It’s a 6 frame complete system still in the boxes. I was hoping for cost $795, but maybe negotiable depending on a future supply of raw honey :slight_smile:
I’m at Ferny Hills.

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Thanks. My hives are ten frames wide so I need the larger or wider model Flow Hive to allow interchange with other brood boxes.
I hope you find another solution
Cheers. Leo

No worries. Thanks for the update.

Hi Kerri, is there any possibility you can post it abroad?

Can you please give me your email address as I am interested in your hive. Mine is coverdalem@bigpond

Postage would be really expensive. I could get a quote, but I don’t think it would be worth it for you. Let me know.

I have emailed you.

Is this still available? We live locally - northside Brisbane.
Able to pick up and ready to buy.
0410585767 or

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Thanks heaps. It is now sold.