Future food, Sustainability and Bees

Joost Bakker joined Cedar for today’s harvest. They discussed his future food project in Fed square in Melbourne and how bees fit into this fantastic system.

Here’s some key points of today’s timeline:

00:00 - Sustainable food house
02:30 - Honey harvest
06:53 - Future food questions
10:47 - Mealworms recycling Styrofoam
14:37 - How long can I leave my hive for?
19:35 - Honey for show judging
23:39 - Pesticide poisoning
29:55 - Bees and future food

You can view the whole transcript here.

Have you checked out what Joost is doing in Melbourne at his place, Future Food System? You can find out more about it here:

What are your current aspirations in terms of becoming more sustainable/connected to your food sources? It can seem like a huge and overwhelming thing to face, but what is one very small next step you are wanting to bring in to your life?