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Gabled Roof in Winter


Do Flow Hivers replace the gabled roof with a flat (piece of plywood?) roof in the Winter?

If not, with what do you weigh down your roof so it doesn’t blow off?

Thank you.


I bought a cheap ratchet strap from the local hardware store and looped that over the hive. I also had to put aluminium flashing due to water ingress.



I latch it with spring-loaded gate latches.


In our FAQs it says you can add some induslation - https://www.honeyflow.com/faqs/wintering-your-flow-hive/p/206#a1

“replace the top cover and roof on the brood box adding some insulation in between”. I’ve seen some Flow Hiver’s on the forum using straps, bricks or clips to lock their boxes or roofs on.


I’ve had problems with water ingress with the Flow provided gabled roof too, torn between trying to waterproof it with flashing or just replace it with a standard flat roof. The gabled roof looks nice, but looking nice is no use if it’s letting water in the hive. :worried:


Try running a bead of roofing silicone along the outer joints of the roof, should do the trick


Hi K’man, don’t be too concerned about water getting into the hive. The bees are experts at dealing with it & keeping it out.