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How do you keep the flow hive lid on in the wind


Hello. I need to clamp the lid down on my normal hive so the wind doesn’t blow it off.

Any suggestions on how to do this with the flow hive gabled roof?


Hello there,

This what I am trying:



Thanks. You just reminded me. I have some of these too

Didn’t even cross my mind


I have those too for the boxes, but I thought they might be a bit tricky to latch onto the roof overhang/telescope, so I went for the hook and eye instead. :wink:

I would be interested to read or see photos of how you make it work in the end.



Any suggestions on how to do this with the flow hive gabled roof?

One of the many reasons I hate gabled roofs…

One of these on each side should work:

They are much cheaper at the hardware store…

I made these out of #9 wire:


If you made two to fit so one is on each side of the gable that could work.


I use these. They come in multiple shapes and colors :slightly_smiling:


But they slide off of these:


I won one of those copper garden top hives and the bricks stay on that pitched roof ok. My first two hives were pitched top covers as well. We had a macro-burst come through this summer and some how all the bricks and hives stayed in place, except for the hive in the woods that a tree fell on top of, I lost 3 supers full of honey :frowning:
Ratchet straps work well also.


Yes I will be holding mine down with ratchet straps same as all my other hives on the stand - they held up under 90MPH winds last week


I’m not that keen on ratchet straps. I never know where to put the hooks and hate fiddling with the ratchet end, when you loosen it the hooks fall off.
I prefer the cam buckle ones, the whole strap goes under the hive stand. All you have to do is loosen it and slip the loop out of the way.


Not the ones I have they are quite simple.
These are the ones I use like the ones used on lorry’s


I use cinder blocks as they each weigh about 35 pounds. I live in Wyoming which is one state well known for it’s high winds.


Have faith in your bees ability to propolise the lids down, & they do, I don’t use any straps, I use a brick to hold freshly painted lids down until the bees propolise the gap. I’m in a high wind area. In 28 years, I’ve never had a lid blown off an av. of say, 40 hives over that period.


I put a chunk of firewood on the top - very low tech :wink: