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G'day from WA, newbee in Busselton Western Australia

G’day thought I would introduce myself and my hive. I am a newbee with a home made long lang.

The ‘ground floor level’ currently contains 2 hives, separated by a follower board. The upper floor has two supers being filled and the other two upper supers are empty (and blocked off) just so the roof stays level.

I purchased a nuc in Oct ‘19 split them in Dec and put a Beewise queen in new split. Both hives are going great. I haven’t taken any honey this year, will leave it all on for the bees.

I love the idea of the long lang so I am about to purchase a 7 frame classic flow super and make another horizontal long lang using a flow super. Luckily I have a clever husband that can do the mods for me. Then next spring will xfer one hive over to the new long lang so the original hive will be only one level. Inspecting 2 levels kinda defeats the idea of the long lang :upside_down_face:

Second stage of the plan will be to make some improvements to the original hive as well. I will have to shift the bees out temporarily while this is being done.

Having said that Winter is the time for planning so the plans may well change :rofl::rofl:

When I draw a neater diagram of the new hive plan I will post here for comments and feedback. My current diagram looks like one of my chooks walked across the page. !
Beehive complete with coffee drinking chairs and cat


Beautiful setup. Welcome!

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Welcome and nice setup, I enjoy using my long Lang with flow frames. I’m just finishing another one.


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