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Two lang supers modified into a horizontal hive

Hi guys!

I have an existing long lang that I run two queen in (separated with a board). I want to move the bees this winter so improvements can be made to the existing long lang. The bees have made some modifications that weren’t authorised!

Meanwhile the bees will be moved into this setup. 2 lang boxes clamped together with some holes and a queen excluded between them. I have two of these set up, one for each queen.

I also have a flow super that I will do the same mod to and will put this on next Spring (we are going into Winter here now).

It will be interesting to see if the bees are happy to work the honey super in this way. :thinking::grimacing:


I like your experiment Karen - have you thought about how you will clean the queen excluder?

Yes I expect them to makes a mess there !

The area near the queen excluder can be reached by unlatching the boxes and the excluder can be removed.

This is only a temporary spot until the Long Lang is improved. But if it works I will keep using it for one hive :+1:

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