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General chit chat

This area is for beekeepers who feel the need to chat about something off topic. If you’re only here for the bees (as is of course the focus of this forum) please feel free to skip this thread. I’ll pop this up as a trial for now and see how it goes…


Thanks Freebee. Should get rid of the guilt at being off topic.

Hi Busso. Don’t feel guilty. This measure is only in place to satisfy the sparse minority who apparently left the forum. If you want to get it right, you could change the category from “general bee chat” to “non-beekeeping maters”.

On chit-chat matters, I was all set to rob half my hives this morning. I woke up in the clouds with constant drizzle. Anyway I’ve got 2 full depth plus one ideal full of honey from other locations to extract today.

One of the locations is where 2 hives have apparently been abandoned. It’s close to a river where mozzies are worse than bees. It’s on a property where the house is much higher & the mozzies are not so bad. The bees have some attitude & are attacking the daughter as she mows. Plus the hives are 4 feet off the ground & contain 3 deeps & one ideal. One hive is dead.

In the coming days I plan to make a new stand where the hives wont be so high. I’ll reduce the brood to one super, requeen as well as face the hive into the bush as well as move it closer to the bush so the daughter can mow without getting attacked.

No guilt necessary either way, more just to guide those who don’t want to skim through unless it’s bee related :slight_smile:
Have a great day all…

Ok . Being a bear of little brain, how do we post a new thread to “general chit chat”, bearing in mind that not all have access to the Lounge.
Now if I want to post about say “Bees slow to fill Flow super”. I go to Flow Forums > Flow hive > +New Topic.
Now if I want post “Spiders in the bottom of my Garden” where do I go. In “all categories” Non Beekeeping does not show or the sub category “Non Beekeeping matters” or Chit Chat.

Where am I going wrong?

Hi busso if it matters so much, I found the ‘non-beekeeping matters’ under ‘tags’ and apparently can be used with any category.

I ignore categories when browsing anyway, and read the thread if the title interests me.

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I knew I was pretty thick, but I could not find a tag which said “non beekeeping matters” or general chit chat. :roll_eyes:
The only way for me is to use the search bar. :grimacing: :grimacing:


Hi @busso,

You could save this link to your bookmark bar?

Otherwise you can go into categories and select non-beekeeping matters and then general chit chat.

Let me know if you have any trouble.


How many people have the category “non beekeeping matter” I don’t have it in my drop down list.

I think it’s the category ‘unclassified’ you’re looking for busso.
No, I don’t have “non beekeeping matters” either.

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Not related, but might make you feel better!

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:grinning: :grinning:

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If you want to know what I look like… I am incredibly camera shy. However, here is a photo of me in PPE gear at Heathrow Airport on 4th April, 2020… :blush:


I see you have a big crowd there to see you off. :slightly_smiling_face: Somebody even had the nerve of "photo bombing " you by sitting on a stool in your background. :smiley:
Home to a 14 day isolation?
I am now in day 26 of voluntary isolation SWMBO and children are enforcing it.

You look good to me DD but what we can’t see is your big heart. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


14 day quarantine in San Diego. Ended today. Finally we can get some fresh veggies!


I was wearing an FFP3 mask by the way. One step up from N95. No fever yet, and think we are past max incubation. Both David and I are high risk for severe COVID-19, so I think if anything was going to happen, it would have started.

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Which one with an intel cpu . Or are they both AMD? :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :wink:

More of a Custard Pi - several steps down from a Raspberry Pi. :rofl:

They are nice masks though. They have a 2cm soft seal edge, and double inlet valves to reduce resistance. Reusuable for long periods too. I hate masks, but this one is really very nice. :wink:

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Thanks for sharing Dawn! Nice to put a face to the name - well, half a face :wink:

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