Honey Super Added

Hello again. I just added my honey super. I did an inspection and everything looks great. We even found the queen. She is huge. The bees have filled out every frame with comb and every frame has brood or honey, all over it. I can see tons and tons of baby bee larvae. This queen is a laying machine. The colony is strong. I found only three beetles, the rest were in the traps that I installed. The bees are also propolizing everything very well. For the first time I observed bees standing at the entrance fanning. Very interesting.


Well done Chris, that is great to hear.

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Congrats ! It does sound like everything is on track n going well at your apiary. Any pix’s yet … Love to see your hive with the Flow-super on.

BTW. Any chance you could go back n give us a location where your bee yard is located. It really helps us give help n proper advice in case of issues later.

Thankz for sharing your happiness n success with us.


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Thanks Jeff and Gerald. I just went out and looked and there are a lot of bees that have come up through the queen excluder and they seem to be investigating. I suppose that soon they will start propolizing everything?? I will post pics soon.

Here is a picture with the honey super on.

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